CBD Oil Vaporizer Pens cbd oil pricing and availability

cbd oil vape pensThe vape pen has revolutionized the way people intake tobacco and cannabis products. Because vape pens are highly portable, and semi-discreet it’s become a convenient way for smokers to smoke… just with out smoking.

The simple fact that it’s small, looks like a pen, and virtually available for purchase anywhere makes it a go-to tool for smokers. Heck you can rip it in the grocery store, at work, or at church… it’s not like blowing a cloud of ganja smoke into the air as it is “almost” odor free!!

This single handed device (eliminates the need for a lighter) allows you to vape with one hand while attending to other tasks with the other (selfies maybe)?

In addition to loading a vape pen with CBD oil extracts, cannabis oil, and tobacco oils… you can also load a “bowl” with a “dry herb vaporizer”.

Anyway it’s pretty easy to get your hands on a vape pen that has single purpose features like “oils only” or a multifaceted one that allows for multi-use and has interchangeable tips for concentrates, liquids and herbs. The pens can often be found in vape starter kits.

Are Vape Pens Safe To Use?

Inhaling anything into your lungs for years has to have some harmful side affect. I’m not a doctor here, so I don’t have an answer for you that’s backed by medical facts… nor am I going to rant with some opinion based positioning on vape pens and the side affects of using them. I would suggest consulting your physician. Until then, moderation baby!!

What Vape Pens Are Best For Burning CBD Oils?

They all work. Finding one that fits your hand, fits your budget, fits your pocket, and functions in a time of need is indeed the best one! CBD oil vape pens come in different shapes and sizes. See below.



Some Of The Best CBD Oil Vape Pens





Arizer – Click To Learn More

Natural Medical Solutions

Atmos – Click To Learn More

Natural Medical Solutions - cbd oil pens

DaVinci – Click To Learn More

cbd vape pen



DipStick – Click To Learn More

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Dr. Dabber – Click To Learn More

Natural Medical Solutions



Exxus – Click To Learn More

twist vape pen for cbd



Grenco Science – Click To Learn More

grenco elite vapor unit

Snoop Dogg On How To Use The G Pen


Kandy Pens – Click To Learn More

cbd oils vape pen

Pax – Click To Learn More

ploom vaporizer cbd pen


Pulsar – Click To Learn More

pulsar vape pens

Sutra – Click To Learn More

sutra tiedye vaporizer pen

Vapen Click To Learn More

vapen cbd oil vaporizer

Vapir – Click To Learn More

vapir cbd vape oil pens

Vaporite – Click To Learn More

vaporite cbd oil pen

Viva La Vape – Click To Learn More

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Volcano – Click To Learn More

vape pen for cbd oils

White Rhino – Click To Learn More

white rhino cbd vape pen

Zephyr – Click To Learn More

cbd oil vaporizer - zephyr ion vape

Things To Think About When Purchasing A Vape Pen

Cheap vape pens are not necessarily bad. I’m not talking about chintzy vape pens that are made from low quality materials. I’m talking about the vape pens that don’t cost a lot of money. Not everyone is “smoker” – many people are casual users and may not want to invest $99 in a pen they use on the holidays. Maybe you’re new to it and just wanna try one out, grab a cheap one and give it a rip before you commit to something over a hundred.

Fact is that there are plenty of cheap vape pens on the market today. Available at your local vape shop or in online marketplaces that sell them. You can pick up a two-part “pull-through” style vape pen that’s made up of a battery and pre-filled cartridges. The most well-known example of this style vape pen is the O Pen. The O Pen is simple to use, all you need to do is inhale to activate it, there is no on button.

On average the pens contain between 100 to 150 hits—even the O Pen model. As a casual user my cartridges last me forever, depending on how often you vape, 150 hits crammed into a half-gram cartridge is pretty crazy!. The pens typically need to be charged at least a couple times to rip through 150 vape hits.

CBD Oil Vape Pens –  Starter Kit

There are plenty of companies putting together CBD vape pen starter kits, and they consist of everything you need to start vaping. The vape starter kit is something that is super popular with beginners and is a great entry level kit for the newbie. You can starter kits all over the web, or check out this page we put together for all of you looking for a vape pen starter kit.
Best of luck on your CBD oil vape pens, vaping journey! We’ll be here if you need us.