Pax Pens


PAX vaporizers are the brainchildren of PAX Labs, formerly known as Ploom, a San Francisco based manufacturer whose core focus is reimagining the vaporizer. Beautifully crafted with advanced technology beneath their elegant surfaces, Pax Pens deliver simple, enjoyable vaping sessions. Truly innovative controls, a futuristic design, and easter egg features make vaping with a Pax vaporizer an engrossing, even playful experience. PAX Labs spared no expense on high quality materials, building PAX vaporizers for portability, durability, and discretion. Often referred to in the media as the iPhone of vaporizers, the Pax vape combines simple yet innovative controls, sleek design, and clean, palatable vapor production to deliver the ultimate dry herb vaping experience. To date, PAX Labs’ line of portable vaporizers is comprised of the original PAX vape, PAX 2, and most recently, PAX 3. Each Pax Pen has helped influence the evolution of the portable vape pen.


PAX PEN ploom vaporizer cbd penThe mark of innovation is simplicity, and PAX vaporizers are simple, effective devices with quality you can see, feel, and taste. The Pax Pen evolved from the standard vape by improving the essential and removing the unnecessary. Gone are multiple button interfaces, protruding mouthpieces, and LCD display screens. PAX vaporizers feature a single button and lip sensing mouthpiece to help you control temperature. What’s more, the PAX 3 vape can be controlled via mobile app and features haptic feedback with various vibration alerts for added convenience and discretion. The Pax Pen is ideal for vaping CBD Oils.

The release of the Pax Pen was met with a wave of innovation in the vape industry as manufacturers realized what was possible. Soon devices similar to the PAX vaporizer with trimmed down designs, mobile app controls, and evolved heating systems hit the shelves. PAX vaporizers have remained one of the most celebrated lines of portable vapes in the world. If you’re a dry herb enthusiast who vapes on their feet, consider choosing a Pax Pen as your new best friend.


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• PAX 2 is a conduction unit, meaning the dry herb is vaporized directly on the surface of the stainless steel heating chamber. For even and thorough vaporization, it’s recommended that you stir the bowl after about 5 hits.

• PAX 2 features a magnetic USB charger cable, but it’s also compatible with the original Pax Pen charger that plugs directly into the wall.

• PAX vaporizers produce bigger vapor clouds with a slight decrease in flavor at higher temps. For smaller, flavorful draws, toggle to the lower temperature settings.

• If you enjoy vaping wax concentrates in addition to dry herb, PAX 3 comes with a waxy oil insert included with the vaporizer. Alternatively, you can buy the wax concentrate insert and use it with the PAX 2, although its temperature settings are not optimized for waxy oil.

• Cleaning your Pax Pen regularly is recommended, especially if you vape waxy oils with the PAX 3. Keeping PAX vaporizers clean enhances their performance, and extends their life across many years.