Relieving Chronic Pain With CBD Oils

treating chronic pain with CBD OilsMy father suffers from chronic pain, and after my experience treating my anxiety with CBD Oils, I decided to try it out on him.
He was never a smoker, never used drugs, so he was hesitant at first to use the Vape Pen, but he eventually gave it a shot and hasn’t looked back since. Here is some information on CBD Oils and how you can use it to combat chronic pain.

CBD oils have been associated with anti-inflammatory agents and are said to reduce inflammation. Inflammation can cause chronic pain in joints and other parts of the body, reducing inflammation, reduces pain. When the inflammation settles, it allows the muscles to relax, and relaxed muscles relieve tension.

See the correlation here?

CBD Oils contain pain relieving compounds and anti-inflammatory agents that provide relief to those suffering from chronic pain. The only real issue I noticed my father experience was sleepiness. However, he has been more active during the day as his joints aren’t aching, This increased activity may play a role with the sleepiness, but it’s a good thing. He’s accomplishing more around the house during the day and still getting good night sleep.

Sleep Is Good!

When chronic pain is actively interfering with your life, it’s probable that it is also interfering with your sleep pattern. This can actually impact your nervous system and literally have you on edge all the time. Being on edge, going to bed on edge, and trying to sleep on edge is not healthy for anyone. If there is constant tension building in your back and neck, how could you ever get a good nights rest? Chronic pain and chronic tension disrupt sleep patterns, and disrupted sleep patterns don’t allow the body to heal and care for itself like it does when you are in a deep sleep. CBD Oils are neuro-protective and provide a calming effect that relieves tension and allows for a better nights rest. Sleep is good!
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I talk about the impact CBD Oils have had on my Anxiety in another article. My anxiety has been such a distraction cbd oils for pain and anxietyin my life that I have literally lost business deals, failed presentations, and ruined relationships because of it. I get anxious, I get tense, and I become a liability to myself.


Post traumatic stress disorder is like stress, and anxiety wrapped up in some little ball of chaos. I have a good buddy that suffers form PTSD and although he doesn’t use CBD Oils to treat it, I am aware of the stress and anxiety he endures and have recommended it to him. Currently he would rather take his prescription meds, until he’s willing to try a natural alternative there is nothing I or my CBD Oils can do for him.

CBD’s Do Not Get You High!!

CBD Oils do not get you high! CBD Oils are legal in all states and do not have any psychotropic compounds that give users a “high”.
The oils are extracted form the cannabis plant, separate from THC which is the chemical that causes people to get high… and have fun.

The Vape Pen.

Vaporizing CBD Oils is a fairly simple process, and doesn’t take much to get going. You can check out our CBD Oil Vape Pens for yourself to see the variations in size and delivery methods. Vape Pens can be used to consume other cartridges as well including THC and Tobacco products if desired.

is cbd oil good for pain reliefConclusion…

Using CBD Oils to treat chronic pain may or may not be the solution for everyone, but it’s worth a try. It’s legal in every state and you can function just fine after vaping it. The dosages can be taken in incremental amounts, and it’s not harsh on the lungs. For more information on CBD Oils check out our page linked to this article or clink the link below.