Using CBD Oil For Anxiety

cbd oil for anxiety

My Take On CBD Oils And Anxiety:

I have read through many forums, mostly researched the comments sections to see what people were saying that actually used CBD Oil. I noticed that there seems to be a pretty even split on opinions in regards to using CBD Oil for anxiety. Everyones body reacts a little different to various substances. For instance, two drinks may have a completely different affect on me then it would you. The common theme seems to be either it worked or it didn’t work and the users anxiety was active after use. Out of 25 comments I may have read in a thread, maybe only one person commented that it had a mild affect, or helped some but not completely. It really seems to be hit or miss from person to person, so I had to try it myself and see if I could tame my anxiety.

CBD Oils  – My Anxiety – My Experience:

I have been vaporizing CBD Oil for anxiety, for over a year now and initially it didn’t seem to relieve me of my anxiety. cbd oil for anxietyPart of that I assume is because I was smoking very potent cannabis, and that was providing substantial relief. The problem was however, it was also delivering a heavy dose of THC that made it difficult for me to function normally. THC is psychotropic and even though my anxiety was relieved, I became more fidgety, and had troubles focusing more often than not. CBD Oil has not had that affect on me. Rather, it calms me, and seems to half just enough fire power to take the edge off. After the first few days transitioning from Cannabis to CBD Oils, I think my body finally began to respond. That’s just my experience though, I truly believe it affects each of us differently, therefore after doing your research you should buy CBD Oils online and try it for yourself.

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CBD Oils Were Worth Trying:

CBD Oils do not contain THC. Therefore users of the oil do not experience a “high” like one would consuming cannabis products. The oils are extracted from the cannabis plant, giving the end user pure CBD Oil. The oils have many claimed benefits, anxiety relief being one. But as I mentioned above, I believe these claims to be based on individualized results. What works for you, may not work for me. It’s my belief that you will not know if CBD Oils will relieve you of your anxiety until you try it. Considering the price points are very reasonable, it’s a small investment to potentially resolve a serious problem. My anxiety attacks have occurred during presentations, family gatherings, and the birth of a child. If anyone has experienced attacks like I have then you will know that spending $20 plus dollars to find a cure is a no-brainer solution that is worth trying.

Side Effects of CBD Oils:

I see many warnings out there about the side effects of using CBD Oil for anxiety. It’s noted that you may experience dizziness, fatigue, and stomachache. Again, those affects appear to be on a user to user basis. I did not experience dizziness or stomachaches. Fatigue to me sounds a little dramatic. Like consuming any foreign substance, prescribed, recreational, natural, or artificial, the body responds and drowsiness my be something you experience. Wasn’t necessarily an issue I had. On the contrary, my anxiety can be so overwhelming that it drains me of all my energy. Post anxiety can be brutal. My attacks have caused me to shake, brought on headaches, stomach aches, sweats, neck and shoulder aches from the tension, and more. The aftermath of my CBD intake paled in comparison. Initially I had avoided taking CBD before anything work related. After experimenting with it at home I found it truly had no psychotropic properties that would impact my ability to think and perform. I slowly introduced CDB oils into my routine and found there was a substantial calming effect. My nerves seemed eased, and I was more than pleased about the results. I never experienced negative side effects using CBD Oil for anxiety.

I had tried tonics and naturopathic solutions before and nothing seemed to take the edge off. A double vodka tonic always mellows things out, but that’s not something I can consume at the office. My Dr. offered a prescription, but the last thing I wanted was to get hooked on a prescription drug. Natural CBD Oils were the best of both worlds. I have not experienced any sort of addictive reaction to them and only feel the need to use the vape pen prior to an event that may trigger an anxiety attack. My attacks have literally decreased by 95{e0dc39ef0612c40e47b080e50de87b061a922e91f1b93103374c4cce1d09ce11} over the last year, making them almost obsolete from my day to day life.