DipStick CBD Oil Vaporizers



Enjoying your favorite wax concentrates is easier than ever with the new DipStick Vaporizer. Take your dab game to the next level with this revolutionary new portable device that allows you to vape wax, shatter, dabs and crumble on-the-go with no sticky mess. Designed to eliminate the hassle that’s typically associated with e-nails, standard wax pens, and other means of wax vaporization – the DipStick is without a doubt the most portable and user-friendly way to enjoy concentrates.

dip stick cbd penNEW WAY TO DAB

Not satisfied with the standard means of wax vaporization, DipStick set out to redefine the status quo by streamlining and simplifying the way concentrates are enjoyed. Say goodbye to clunky, expensive e-nails and cheap, unreliable wax pens. By utilizing a completely unique design and vapor delivery system, the DipStick makes it easier than ever to enjoy dabs at home or on-the-go. There’s no other wax vaporizer that can match the DipStick’s convenience and versatility.


Once activated, the DipStick’s nickel-plated chrome coil ceramic tip heats instantly. Once the tip appears red hot, simply insert into the included glass container which contains your favorite concentrate. The DipStick’s mouthpiece is located on the opposite end, which you inhale through as the ceramic tip heats your wax. Employing this unique inhalation method allows for ultimate control, and lets you to finely tailor the dab experience to your personal preference.


Featuring a removable stainless steel vapor path, cleaning the DipStick is quick and painless. In a matter of minutes, the removable parts can be soaked, cleaned and reassembled. Even more impressive is the unit’s reclamation chamber, which helps conserve your wax by catching material that doesn’t get completely vaporized. You can then scrape out the chamber with the included dab tool to ensure you’re getting the most out of each drop.

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