3 Supplements I Give My Dog
Coconut oil
Hemp Oil
Sweet Potatoes – your local grocery store!




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  1. I do pumpkin purée when my dog is constipated or has been eating weird stuff from our yard to flush her out. I also make treats with some minced ginger from a jar bc apparently it’s really good for preventing cancer and bloat (which my dog already survived once)

  2. Does anyone know of any supplements that might help my cat Daisy? She’s very very old and her liver is starting to fail and I’d love anything that could help slow down that process. :/ We’re taking her to the vet in a week or two (it’s currently Christmas, and impossible. We just noticed the change in behavior,) but I’d love to be able to help her now.

  3. Hi Laura! I believe I spent an entire lazy chilly Sunday watching every single one of your videos from your personal youtube channel back to raw vegan not gross, I think you could say I love your advice, holistic ways, humor, dog, recipes, and whatever else ya talk about! SO! I NEED HELP! my dog has fleas, BAD. He is treated like a king but we live in the woods on an island near the beach and he’s constantly hanging with deer in the yard and then next minute jumping in the ocean, pretty rad life, I know. But the fleas are such a big problem for me and I’ve tried making a little essential oil hydrosol/spray for his bandana color and bottle to spray on cloths and rub him, I’ve given him good healthy baths, AVC in his water, and I’m about to try to put an amethyst stone in his water bowl (heard this the other day) …..haven’t ever tried it. ANY SUGGESTTIONS? I hate the thought of giving him horrible pills or topical drugs 🙁 🙁 wahhhh…hope you have some suggestions. Also, this is my first ever comment and I have watched and followed all your wacky and fun adventures through snapchat, instagram, and taste made and youtube! YAHOOO! thanks for the raw and real info 🙂 cheers

  4. You can use organic calendula powder on an itchy dog and pumpkin is a great source of fiber for them too. They love it.

  5. You are a superstar, Laura! Thanks for sharing all these nice recipes / tips with us. Big thumbs UP! keep it up! <3

  6. Thanks! My dogs all have dry skin at the moment, and I was looking to find a supplement to help sort them out. Hopefully, hemp oil will do the trick!

    By the way, how much coconut oil do you add to Buzz’s food? And do you need to make sure it’s runny first?

  7. I can’t afford all of this coconut oil, lol. It’s in my food, it’s in my lady’s hair, and now I have to integrate it into my dogs meals. I have a black lab mix, so when his skin gets dry resulting in dandruff, it’s rather noticeable.

  8. I’ve heard that dogs need to eat some sort of meat. They can not be healthy on vegan meals alone. I know for my cat, I change up his meals so he gets variety. I try my best to keep him away from anything processed, although I place out some bagged food (Hills) that is mostly veggie meal. He turned 16 in January & can still race through the house chasing nothing. I may have also done that when no one was looking.

  9. One of my cats likes kale and the other ones like strawberries. I basically just give them what they like.

  10. Hi Laura! What is the base dog food that you give him? I would like to give my little bear cub (my gorgeous cat) a vegan brand of cat food, but I am getting mixed signals about how good/bad it might be for him. I guess I just want to know if there is a good vegan pet food brand. 🙂

  11. my old english bulldog rusty (pictured) NEVER eats “dog food”. his dish consists of sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, chicken, broccoli, brown rice. watermelon for dessert. i put a pinch of baking soda in his water to alkalinize it. dogs get cancer because of the crap in the bag; it’s like eating doritos day and night.

  12. Question- do you feed your dog regular dog food? I’ve seen some vegans try to feed dogs and cats a plant-based diet, and it usually isn’t good for them, so I was just wondering. Love your cheese recipe, btw! The taste reminds me of Olive Garden’s food, which I loved as a kid 🙂

  13. Winnie my pup loves sweet potato and I give it to her almost 4 times a week. I also steam her carrots, and add flax seed powder to her food. Occasionally, I give her blueberries too. What dog food do you feed Buzz? I feed her natural balance but am always looking for something better. Thanks for the advice on the others. your the best Laura <3

  14. My dogs (5) eat an all natural dry dog food and I also make homemade dog food with ground turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, broccoli, and old fashioned oat meal all cooked with coconut oil. 🙂

  15. Hi Laura,
    I feed my dog pumpkin. It’s very fibrous and helps with her digestion because she’s very old.

  16. Definitely checking out the link in the description for the probiotics you suggested..
    Your dog is super adorable! ♡ My dog Henry thanks you.. 🙂
    Awesome tips! Thumbs up!

  17. I cook for our dogs, i feed meat green beans sweet potatoes kale coconut oil plain yoghurt boiled eggs, shell and all. Occasionally ill feed them some canned salmon. The beagle-basset hound also likes berries. The jack russell- greyhound does not. I feed meat to the cats. The beagle- basset hound was adopted by us she had severe allergies and moving to this diet has ended her problems. The jack Russell- greyhound works cattle with my husband- she was left at our mailbox as a puppy. She is a good dog and loves to work! I like your channel very much. I am not vegan but we grow and eat most of our own food, lots of vegetables too. Your recipes are good and they work.

  18. I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but there is research that Omega 6 & 9 are not healthy for dogs. I have an incredible holistic vet who recommended Omega 3 oil for my dogs and I was excited to find another brand than she recommended that had all three, (3,6 &9) and she pointed to research that indicated that 6 & 9 are not only not good for dogs but in some cases can be harmful. For any viewers that want to, Google it for yourself. Coconut oil is great so are sweet potatoes or and squash/pumpkin. And one of my dogs has really bad gas and probiotics cured it=) Thanks for the great advice!

  19. apple cider vinegar for digestive problem can seriously save your dogs life and for allergies as well
    coconut oil fat is very healing for their stomach
    and My dog loves cashew cheesecake more then anything I think the fat is really good for him

  20. my dog loves his raw meat and organ dinners, topped with, spoon of coconut oil, a handful of fenugreek sprouts, and a splash of kefir, sometimes a spoon of pumpkin. the sprouts make him smell like maple syrup, a bonus!

  21. I love your channel but, I don’t feel like it’s right that your dog has to live a vegetarian life just because you live one. Dogs are born to eat meat it’s just what they do.

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